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Nice Apartment for rent in Berlin


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$1,217 / monthly Đang mở thuê

Tổng quan
Loại Villa
Quảng trường 33 mét vuông
Số lượng phòng ngủ 1
Số phòng tắm 1
Số tầng 1
Giá $1,217 / monthly
Sự miêu tả

Fully furnished shared all-inclusive apartments, with modern amenities that’ll make you feel right at home. A great starting point for exploring the rest of the city and its many hidden gems. Area In the center of East Berlin, you’ll find everything from delicious street food to flee markets, to high-end restaurants.

In this bright, modern h(e)aven, you’ll find a Queen size bed, a fully equipped kitchen, a separate bathroom with a walk-in shower and a study area for when the dedicated student in you awakens. Some come with great views, others with a nice and cozy balcony.

Nổi bật



Swimming pool




Fitness center

Air Conditioning

Central Heating

Laundry Room

Pets Allow

Spa & Massage

Chìa khóa khoảng cách giữa các cơ sở

Hospital - 10km

Super Market - 3km

School - 11km

Entertainment - 18km

Pharmacy - 20km

Airport - 20km

Railways - 2km

Bus Stop - 2km

Beach - 19km

Mall - 18km

Bank - 13km

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Berlin, Germany

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